Trail of Tears the Song

There’s a Trail of Tears that tells a story
One by one it calls out your names
All the way from Carolina
To the sound of the Choctaws and the Cherokee Rain

Chickasaw, Creek, and Seminole found freedom
Where they’ll never grow old
Their souls embraced to the whisper of the wind
To the sound of the Choctaws and the Cherokee Rain

There’s a Trail of Tears where the rivers ran red
In the wintry snow as an eagle fly’s
Far below the Oklahoma skies
To the sound of the Choctaws and the Cherokee Rain

Many moons have passed, it’s the white man that cries
Children dying from their guns as thunder roars through the skies
Sins of their forefathers carry the blame
To the sound of the Choctaws and the Cherokee Rain

Jodi LaBelle

The “Trail of Tears Song ” will take one back to another era of time. Maybe that’s why it has taken me over twenty years to pen this song. We can only imagine the suffering endured by our Indian Brothers and Sisters. First their spirits had to be broken then we took their land, most importantly their Freedom.

Our forefathers encouraged the different Indian tribes to become civilized like the white man. They had a dream that tomorrow some-how could belong to all man-kind. In time the pendulum now has swung as history repeats itself. The tribes of today have survived their terrible ordeal only to watch all different races destroy each other.

The Band

“Owen Hale” talent lies in mastering the perfect beat, that echoes from the sound of drums. Many artists, that he has shared his knowledge with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Toby Keith, Patty Loveless, and so many others.

“Andrew Ishee” Southern Gospel Music Association recognized him as one of the top five pianist in America. He also was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.

“James Ducker” Producer, lead guitarist, also the owner of Cedarwood Recording Studio. James has conquered many fields in the music industry.

“Jodi La Belle” featured on BBC British Networks, with many famous songwriters such as Harlan Howard. She never forgets to mention that Merle Kilgore was also her mentor. She is grateful for all her musicians, that are home grown from the State of Mississippi.

Sarah the Song

Can you imagine Sarah the era of life watching the sands of time passing through? No child to call her own, full of doubts and fears, with only her hope, and faith too hold onto. Then her age was no longer an obstacle, the sounds of thunder, miracles from God, Sarah gave birth to a son. God blessed Abraham and told him to count the stars, now two, not three, but a million to one.

Cho- Oh, the God of Sarah is the same God of today, unconditional love in every way. He healed the sick, he walked on the waters, fed the multitudes, and made a blind man see. To enter the Promised land, one must be like a child, pure at heart with sweet harmony. For the God of Sarah, of Yesteryears, is the same God that I serve today.

When I was young, I was careless with my love, but with God’s grace, he gave me joy in growing old. It was him all along, telling me to “Be still my Child,” I have the one who will love your heart, and soul. For he is no stranger to me, for it was I that held him up, when his world was falling apart. And Just like Sarah throughout the years, I have kept the faith, oh God you have my soul, and now he has my heart.

Everywhere I Go

Jodi LaBelle, Producer, Writer, Singer, Author

Tonni Lea: Co-Producer, Author, Motivational Speaker

ExM Music Production, LLC. Video Producer

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